File size: 759.6 MB

Mari® is 3D painting without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools that make the most of your creativity.

Artlantis 2019 v8.0.2.20052 (x64) Multilingual | 255.5 Mb

A flagship software in VR imagery, Artlantis has conquered nearly 100,000 architects, interior designers, landscapers, urban planners, space planners . in more than 110 countries. Using its own rendering engine, without drawing on graphic cards, Artlantis is used by experts, advanced users and beginners, for simulation, presentations and communication, by producing still images of a striking photo-realism in very high quality and record time!

File Size: 54.52 MB

WindowBlinds enables you to make your desktop interface uniquely yours! From the start panel to the taskbar, window frames and control buttons, WindowBlinds enables users to customize desktop interface themes called skins to personalize the look and feel of their desktop.

7thShare Data Recovery Multilingual | 11.6 Mb

7thShare Data Recovery is a safe & reliable Data Recovery Tool that helps you recover data deleted from your PC, hard drive partition, SD card, USB flash drive and more.

Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker 3.10 Build 4887 | 20.41 Mb

Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker instantly reveals Internet passwords, retrieves login and password information protecting a variety of Web resources and mailboxes in various email clients. The tool instantly extracts passwords, stored forms and AutoComplete information in popular Web browsers, and captures mailbox and identity passwords from popular email clients.

Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Forensic Edition v2.12.32011.4971 | 105.53 Mb

Extract everything from your Google Account. Download users' location history, files and documents,, Contacts, Hangouts Messages, Google Keep, Chrome browsing history, search history and page transitions, Calendars, images, and a lot more.

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.54.1 Multilingual | 44.6 Mb

EssentialPIM Pro is the advanced version of Personal Information Manager. Handles all your scheduling, contacts, to do lists and notes with easy-to-use, intuitive tools. Pro version significantly distinguishes from EssentialPIM Free, taking functionality on a completely another level. When you run EssentialPIM Pro for the first time, the program creates test.epim database, which contains test tasks and contacts.

Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Breaker Enterprise Edition 3.06.803 | 27.89 Mb

Unlock password-protected Word documents and Excel spreadsheets by breaking the password instead of recovering it. It does not matter how long and complex your password is. Advanced Office Password Breaker unlocks your documents with a guaranteed positive result and no guessing involved. How fast? A typical single-core PC of yesterday can unlock a document in less than 5 days, while a dual-core PC of today can do it twice as fast. Still not fast enough? Use quad-core processors, add more CPUs or assign several workstations to recover the passwords in almost no time!

NextUp TextAloud 4.0.34 | 25 Mb

TextAloud 4 is Text to Speech software for the Windows PC that converts your text from documents, webpages, PDF Files and more into natural-sounding speech. You can listen on your PC or create audio files for use on portable devices.

Advanced Date Time Calculator 9.1 Build 078 Multilingual | 1 Mb

Advanced Date Time Calculator is a full-featured Date Time Calculator, Get Result Date, Days Between Dates and More

SketchUp Pro 2019 v19.2.222 x64 + Portable

SketchUp Pro 2019 v19.2.222 x64 + Portable

File Size: 197, 619 MiB

Topaz Sharpen AI 1.3.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

Topaz Sharpen AI 1.3.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

File Size: 768, 732 MiB

Topaz JPEG to RAW AI 2.2.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

Topaz JPEG to RAW AI 2.2.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

File Size: 225, 194 MiB

Topaz DeNoise AI 1.2.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

Topaz DeNoise AI 1.2.0 x64 RePacK + Portable

File Size: 285, 271 MiB

Topaz Adjust AI 1.0.4 x64 RePacK + Portable

Topaz Adjust AI 1.0.4 x64 RePacK + Portable

File Size: 208, 168 MiB

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